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The Ortec Group is committed to ensuring road safety for its employees

In signing the appeal for “Committed Employers”, the Ortec group is making road safety a priority for its employees. With safety and security being a part of the values that constitute “Made in Ortec” through “Ortec, Life First“, the group is committed to a proactive and responsible approach to raising awareness of professional road risks.

Road safety, a priority, including at work

“Safety at work is one of the values that constitute our Made in Ortec. It’s why we are responding to this national appeal. By actively participating in this campaign, we are making our teams aware of road risks,” says Julien Einaudi, Director of the Group’s Global Services Division. “Life First, our leitmotiv, applies to team safety and travel. We are all, in turn pedestrians, cyclists/motorcyclists and motorists, and accidents while travelling, whether professional or personal, are not acceptable. Road accidents at work are too frequent. Reducing them is an imperative”.


Launched by the Ministry of the Interior’s Delegation for Road Safety on the theme “All responsible”, the campaign is structured around 7 axes which signatories undertake to ensure that their employees respect:

  • Limit phone conversations while driving to emergencies and by Bluetooth
  • Insist upon sobriety behind the wheel
  • Require the use of seat belts
  • Prohibit exceeding authorised speed limits
  • Include rest periods in the calculation of travel times
  • Promote road safety training
  • Encourage cyclists/motorcyclists to be better equipped


“We, as company managers, are committed to the safety of our employees on the roads. Timeliness, responsiveness, availability. Every day, our employees give their best. They are our primary asset. But this quest for performance must not lead them to take risks behind the wheel. Yet today, road accidents are the first cause of death at work. An unacceptable observation in the face of which we are determined to act.” We can read this in the “Committed Employers” appeal, which has been gaining support from hundreds of companies since 2016. It is a major challenge, and an urgent one. In 2018, 3,259 individuals lost their lives on the roads in France.

More than ever, a proactive approach is needed.

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