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4 Total sites award the Ortec Group with first safety prizes


4 Total sites award the Ortec Group with first safety prizes

On the occasion of the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, on 27 April 2018, Total sites La Mède, Feyzin, Le Havre and Lacq award the Ortec Group, engineering and contracting service integrator in France and around the world, for its safety culture and results. The Ortec Group teams were presented with the Safety First Prize. A big pride and particularly important recognition for the Ortec Group, and its 11,800 employees, who share a strong safety culture 365 days a year thanks to their joint commitment to the “Life First!” initiative and the permanent “0 accident” goal.

published on 3/05/2018

Safety prizes on 4 Total sites: an award for the permanent commitments supported by Ortec

Friday 27 April, in La Mède, Feyzin, Le Havre and Lacq was particularly charged with emotion, and this was rapidly felt and shared across all the Ortec Group sites, in France and around the world.

4 Ortec teams, on 4 Total Group sites, were simultaneously awarded for their exemplary work and safety results!

This is an immense source of pride for the Ortec Group, which considers Safety to be a fundamental value, and strives to reach the “0 accident” goal within its branch offices and all client sites around the world on which it intervenes, 365 days a year, via its permanent initiatives and its “Life First” commitment.

At a time when Ortec is busy preparing the 4th edition of its Safety Week, which each year brings together employees, clients and partners around the central issue of safety, the 4 safety first prizes from Total are a powerful translation and concrete reward for the safety commitments and results of its teams. And an encouragement to pursue their efforts in this direction.

On 27 April 2018, on the occasion of the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, initiated in 2003 by the International Labour Organization (ILO), the Total Group organized meetings with the Ortec Group teams on its different French sites. On the La Mède, Feyzin, Le Havre and Lacq sites, the Ortec branch-office employees had an exclusive opportunity to talk with the operational management teams of the 4 Total sites about safety best practices, and in particular the 12 golden safety rules promoted by the client. In parallel, this meeting allowed the Ortec teams to present and promote their remarkable initiatives in the area of safety, and the innovative tools and equipment allowing the Group to provide its historic client with ever more safety and operational efficiency.

Safety at Ortec: Life, Health and Safety come before results

For the Ortec Group, Life, Health and Safety come before results, and are the most important aspects taken into account in all its activities, and this right from the very early stages of a response to a call for tender. With the following goal: guaranteeing the safety of all at all times. A commitment that is perfectly aligned with that of the Total Group, which through its slogan “Safety for me, for you, for all”, puts its employees, as it does its partners and co-contractors, on the same level of importance in terms of safety, whilst requiring the same level of vigilance and commitment throughout their activities.

A requirement that is shared and fully integrated by the Ortec Group teams, which have demonstrated, through their interventions on 4 Total sites in France, rigorous organisation and processes ensuring that the defined safety goals can be attained. And, furthermore, proactively contributing to evolutions and improvements to strengthen still further the safety of all.

Indeed this deep-seated safety mind-set and culture is characteristic of the entire Ortec Group, and its employees, and an integral part of all its expertise and fields of intervention, in engineering and works. It is this safety culture that has for the last 30 years allowed the Ortec Group to continually improve its accident statistics by raising the awareness of its employees and partners, whilst at the same time securing the processes, tools and installations. A safety culture that is regularly recognised and awarded through trophies, special prizes… by the Group’s largest clients.

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