Services for the environment

Waste management: control of costs, respect for the environment

From one-off services to multiple site contracts, the Ortec group:

The group itself handles all non-hazardous and hazardous waste, solids, liquids and powders in large or small quantities, guaranteeing an excellent standard of service and respect for the environment.

Our services:

Ortec group experts identify your products with proven know-how, before packaging them to guarantee safe transportation and deciding upon the best treatment method.

They offer:

Sectors of activity:

Ortec Group offers waste collection and management services to companies in various sectors:

*BSD: waste tracking form
**DFA: accompanying tax declaration
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A closer look at waste

There are several categories of waste : Hazardous wastethat cause harm to humans or the environment,Common waste mainly household waste and industrial waste such as packaging, paper, glass, plastic, metal, etc., and Inert waste: this is waste that does not undergo any major physical, chemical or biological changes (rubble, soil, etc.)

L'agence Ortec Environnement Thonon-les-Bains spécialisée dans les services à l’industrie et l'environnement : assainissement, nettoyage, collecte et gestion des déchets.


First prize in all categories!

Ortec Environment Thonon recycling centre is awarded a trophy for the high standard of its services.

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An extensive collection

Ortec Industrie Ile de France: comprehensive waste management contract for 18 different sites.

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