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Encouraging recycling and pretreatment through alternative waste treatments.

The Ortec group provides tailored solutions for collecting, pretreating, recycling and optimizing waste through its innovation and investment.

With solid expertise in waste management, the Ortec group has developed waste treatment and recycling facilities that meet current environmental challenges

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Ortec offers comprehensive services and can size industrial waste treatment installations appropriately (for non-hazardous, hazardous, solid and liquid waste) and install them directly on the customer’s site.

The Ortec group’s specialist facilities allow:

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Dozens of products analyzed

Valortec has an on-site laboratory that guarantees compliance with regulatory requirements and the reliability of production processes.

Four people work there every day, performing on average 20 analyses per day.

OGD commits to exemplary management of Grand Paris excavated soil


OGD commits to exemplary management of Grand Paris excavated soil

On 30 March 2017, Ortec Générale de Dépollution (OGD), a pollution-cleanup subsidiary of the Ortec Group, signed the Charter of Best Practices for the treatment, storage and re-use of excavated soil. This commitment applies to the 45 million tonnes of soil that will be excavated during the work to build the new metro in the frame of the Grand Paris Express project. Amongst the 31 first signatories of the partnership agreement, OGD undertakes to comply with the best practices implemented by Société du Grand Paris and ensure the responsible re-use of this excavated soil.

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A committed team for an innovative facility

The Ortec group is developing its environmental services through its subsidiary Valortec Rognac (Bouches-du-Rhône), a hazardous waste collection, pre-treatment and recycling facility

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First prize in all categories!

Ortec Environment Thonon recycling centre is awarded a trophy for the high standard of its services.

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