The keys to success in these delicate stages are thorough advance planning of the work required and complete control of events during implementation. From inspection to the modernization of installations, the Ortec Group guarantees its customers that they can maintain production and restart their installations as quickly as possible.

Our services:
Preparation is the critical phase that determines the success of a unit shutdown.The Ortec Group prepares the work it has to do six to twelve months before the work is due to start in order to make these vast operations successful. This important stage provides ample time for planning needs in terms of human and material resources and skills.Implementation: speed and efficiency.Very short intervention times of 3 to 5 weeks on average leave no room for improvisation. The Ortec Group has a thorough understanding of the risks, and keeps safety as its main objective. Its professionalism and expertise in areas such as assembly, cleaning and metallurgy make it benchmark for the following services:
Sectors of activities
Composed of multidisciplinary teams with strong skilled backgrounds, the Ortec Group offers maintenance services to middle to big industry companies in various sectors like: *Qualité de l'Hygiène de la Sécurité et de l'Environnement, MASE reference (Manuel d'Amélioration Sécurité des Entreprises, i.e. companies safety improvement handbook): defines best practices of maintenance in a permanent quality upgrade policy.
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focus extracteur de faisceaux


Bundle extractors

Tube bundles play a very important role in industry because they regulate the temperature of an industrial process.
Deployed mainly in major maintenance operations such as unit shutdowns, bundle extractors are used to extract tube bundles and reinstall repaired or replacement bundles.

actu arret raffinerie total donges


Massive Unit shutdown

The Ortec group has carried out a unit shutdown successfully at the Total refinery in Donges (Loire Atlantique) in 6 intensive weeks with 170 employees.

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actu arret off shore n kossa


Offshore shutdown of a gigantic oil barge!

The Ortec group has met a new challenge with style – carrying out the ten-yearly shutdown of an offshore barge – a rare operation.

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actu arret raffinerie total la mede


A rather extraordinary shutdown!

The Ortec group has carried out the most major shutdown of the Total refinery in La Mède (Bouches-du-Rhône) since its inception.

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