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How can regulatory compliance be guaranteed?

The Ortec group contributes its expertise and assistance in order to set up a quality process that ensures strict regulatory compliance

By keeping an eye out for new regulations, Ortec can develop and suggest solutions tailored to its customers’ needs as soon as new rules are introduced.

Our services:

Based on its studies, it sets up the structures required in order to operate within the regulations and contributes its know-how to the Inspection Services at industrial sites:

Sectors of activity:

The Group Ortec undertakes Regulatory compliance engineering and risk control in many sectors, among which:

*Computer-Assisted Drafting
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ATEX regulations

ATEX (Explosive Atmosphere) regulations stipulate that all site managers are required to manage the risks associated with explosive atmospheres, just as they manage all other occupational risks.

To do this, an explosion risk assessment must be carried out within the company to identify any places where explosive atmospheres could develop. This results in a DRPE (Document Regarding Protection from Explosions).



Reporting : our Credo

The Ortec group installs Credo inspection software at Total in Carling

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Explosive atmosphere under control

Le groupe Ortec réalise les études de mise en conformité ATEX de la raffinerie Total de la Mède (Bouches-du-Rhône).

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