Engineering and assistance to project owner

From concept to realization

The Ortec group supports its customers’ development by providing full assistance services to project owners.

The Ortec group gets involved up to 18 months before work begins to ensure its customers have complete control over their projects, using a proven set of methods for project definition, organization, structuring and monitoring.

Our services:

The Ortec group offers full professional support for the preparation of technical documentation and specifications, organization of calls for tender, management of budgets and supervision of works:

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A closer look at CAMM

CAMM, Computer Aided Maintenance Management, is a software-assisted management method designed for the maintenance activities of a company, with specific software.

Ortec group can offer you support with:
- choosing an appropriate system and initializing the CAMM system
- system migration (when transferring from one CAMM programme to another)
- adapting a CAMM system (including taking into account new regulations)
- training your employees



Project management from A to Z

The Ortec group manages the dry docking of a vessel on behalf of Société Nationale Maritime Corse Méditerranée (SNCM).

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Three projects in one!

On behalf of a Cameroonian cement factory, the Ortec group is planning three construction jobs as part of a single project

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