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Combining installation availability with optimization of maintenance costs

The Ortec group optimizes the introduction and management of industrial maintenance by relying on solid expertise and by capitalizing on its experience.

The Ortec group performs all the maintenance at industrial site. It schedules maintenance through careful planning to combine maximum productivity with the reduction of machine downtime.

Our services:

From consultancy to preparation and supervision, Ortec offers the following services:

Sectors of activity:
*Computer Aided Maintenance Management
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Maintenance in the frame

Maintenance aims to keep an item in, or restore it to a specific state so that it can provide a particular service. It covers troubleshooting and repair, inspection and testing operations on hardware and software.

There are two complementary ways of organizing maintenance operations:

  • corrective maintenance: work done on an item of equipment when it has developed a fault
  • preventive maintenance: work done on an item of equipment to prevent it from developing a fault


Let’s plan maintenance!

The Ortec group prepares a maintenance plan for a pharmaceuticals group.

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Expert assistance!

The Ortec group manages all aspects of maintenance requests at one of the INEOS group’s production sites

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