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The Ortec group handles all types of industrial problems through its experience and know-how. Our calculations and numerical models ensure implementation proceeds without a hitch, meeting all the defined requirements.

Ortec group employees can assist you with the completion of your projects while incorporating all the defined requirements:

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From the initial design to the sizing of the project and the equipment checks, Ortec provides reliable calculations and numerical simulations for:

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The EPR, the latest generation reactor

The EPR is a third generation pressurized water reactor designed to improve the safety and economic viability of nuclear power plants. Looking at the units currently in operation in France, it is apparent that the EPR is more complex (it has more safety circuits), more powerful (1600 MW compared with 1450 MW, the rating of the previous reactors built in France), can supply 22% more electricity compared with a traditional reactor from the same quantity of nuclear fuel, cuts the volume of radioactive waste generated through more complete uranium combustion by 15 to 30%.



EPR nuclear power plants under the microscope

SOM Calcul, an Ortec group subsidiary, is involved in the construction of new EPRs (European Pressurized Reactors) for nuclear power plants.

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Specially designed piping…

SOM Calcul, a subsidiary of the Ortec group, has been involved in a series of studies and calculations for piping for EDF for a number of years.

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