Engineering and assistance to project owner

Laser 3D Surveys to fit the most challenging projects

SOM and the Ortec Group offer cutting edge innovation as 3D Telemetry. We prove solutions through sharing and coworking to bring you optimal engineering and consulting practices.

SOM and Ortec teams support you in topographical/industrial surveys in 3D telemetry. This state-of-the-art technology allows quick and affordable measurement campaigns, with an unrivalled precision and through a wide range of conditions, from industrial site to barely reachable positions.

Our services:
Major benefits:
  • Data processing
    • 3D compatibility with major CAD softwares
    • "As-Built" Accuracy and comprehensiveness of point-based cloud system
    • points
  • Modelling
    • Reverse engineering from existing structures
    • Quick rendering depending on detail level
  • Sectors of activity
    3D Data compatibility:
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