Construction works

Turnkey construction projects: finding a single reliable partner

Highly professional and responsive, the Ortec group is the essential partner for taking sole responsibility for the complete execution of large-scale construction projects, guaranteeing both respect for deadlines and proper contract performance.

Our services :

Project setup

Through its staff specializing in project management, Ortec carries out:

Execution of works

The Ortec group also performs all kinds of work using its own resources:

Project management

From the start to the end of a project, the Ortec group is constantly checking that services are being carried out correctly and safety rules are being followed:

Sectors of activity

With its multidisciplinary teams with strong skilled backgrounds, the Ortec Group carries out maintenance services to middle to high industry companies in various sectors like :

*Quality, Health, Safety and Environment, MASE (Manual for Improving Company Safety) certification scheme: defines best practices for maintenance as part of a continuous improvement initiative.
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Ortec as a quality reference in the automotive business


Ortec as a quality reference in the automotive business

published on 30/01/2017

Quality Assurance

This growing activity encompasses a large part of the prerogatives of the automotive sector. The quality engineers’ main activity is to control the quality and reliable design of various systems making up the vehicles (air conditioning, cooling, steering, braking, multi-media, engines, gearboxes, etc.).


The Dependability Engineers guarantee system safety and work to ensure that potential failures do not affect the user. The two biggest French manufacturers are Ligeron’s main “Dependability” customers.

Project Management Officers (PMO)

Working with the project managers, the Ligeron experts function as “facilitators”, following all project indicators and regularly combining them to provide an overview of the whole.


Predictive analysis of warranty costs, customer complaints rate, etc.


An activity currently involving 2 teams working at the customers’ facilities, where these engineers ensure the reliability and durability of mechatronics equipment.


The consultants conduct ergonomics studies of the various systems of the driver’s seat, analysing customer’s behaviour through in-vehicle or simulator testing.



Partnership is a gas!

The Ortec group teams up with GRT Gaz on the installation of gas compression stations.

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Just the right offshore pipes

Total asks the Ortec group to produce 52 well-jumpers.

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