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SOM wins the 2018 TechnicAtome award

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TechnicAtome is a leading actor in the French nuclear landscape and, every year, it invites all its partners to its annual convention. The TechnicAtome award is presented at this event, to the company that has made the biggest contribution to nuclear safety. This year it was won by SOM, a subsidiary of the Ortec group

TechnicAtome 2018: a national challenge on nuclear safety and security

TechnicAtome is a company that specialises in the design, construction, commissioning and operational maintenance of compact nuclear reactors. In this complex field, security and safety are proving to be major issues.

Therefore, to promote and share best practices, TechnicAtome organised a corporate competition to select the company that has worked hardest to raise employee awareness of security and nuclear safety issues.

SOM, which has been working with TechnicAtome for many years, was keen to take part.

A unique … and award-winning approach

SOM runs numerous awareness campaigns on security and nuclear safety for its employees. In 2018, in addition to the usual talks, an educational and active approach was put in place, consisting of a five-week challenge for the employees of all eight SOM agencies.

Every week, a new topic was discussed with prizes to be won: safety at work, radiation protection, the environment, 5S and quality.

This global, cross-cutting and highly effective approach appealed to TechnicAtome’s panel of judges, who selected SOM as one of their three finalists.

On 5 October, the three finalists presented their approach to a panel of 100 judges. Their verdict was very clear. SOM won the first prize with more than double the votes obtained by the second and third prize-winners. This comfortable win reflected SOM’s contribution to tackling these important issues.

SOM has already signed up for the 2019 competition and firmly intends to win the award for a second year running.



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