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Casque d’Or’ (Golden Helmet) awards

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Casque d’Or’ (Golden Helmet) awards

The Group’s workers are the stars of this new organisation which has been specially designed to applaud their professionalism, investment, ability to transfer their know-how, and their loyalty to the Group. They represent the foundations of the Group’s success and it is quite natural that they should be recognised for this!

These workers have become the leaders in the field for all future projects and missions. They enable Ortec to constantly increase its professionalism and strengthen its image as an all-terrain specialist, capable of managing the risks.

Exemplary references

The foundation of this guild gives the Group greater weight and credibility, while strengthening its team spirit and professionalism. The constitution of this body obviously involves a rigorous selection process, after all, not just anyone can become a Casque d’OR’! Therefore, selection criteria have been established to determine who can become a Casque d’Or’.

A Casque d’OR’ must be :

  • an expert in their profession;
  • recognised by their peers;
  • a point of reference in their agency;
  • an employee with at least 6 years of service with the company;
  • someone who complies with safety rules;
  • available and/or geographically mobile;
  • concerned about the Group’s image.

A Casque D’Or’ for life?

The professional careers of Casques d’OR’ members are reviewed every three years and new appointments or exclusions (in the event of non-compliance with the selection criteria or a change of status) are made. It is therefore potentially possible to be re-elected several times, but election is not a matter of course!

Bearers of the “Casques D’Or” title benefit from a specific training course enabling them to become a tutor and first-aid worker, and also to follow the company’s knowledge modules. They can also be supported in a professional capacity by a scheme that recognises and validates the experience they have acquired.

Congratulations and welcome to the Casques D’Or’!

Par la suite, un rassemblement avec la direction générale aura lieu tous les ans afin de faire un point sur l’année écoulée et d’échanger les retours d’expériences… pour toujours se rapprocher de la perfection !

Every year since 2009, together with the agency managers and the general management, all the nominees have participated in a ceremony, during which they are solemnly declared to be a Casques d’OR’.

Subsequently, a meeting with the general management is held every year to review the previous year and give feedback – with the aim of getting closer to achieving perfection!

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