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Ortec Industrie’s solution facing the challenge of wind turbine dismantling

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While wind farms have a lifespan of 20 years and a significant portion is nearing the age limit, the question of their dismantling is raised.

Specialized in services to industry and the environment, and fully aware of environmental issues, the Ortec Group, through its subsidiary Ortec Industrie, offers services dedicated to the dismantling of wind turbines, in complete safety and in accordance with the regulations in force. Ortec Industrie thus ensures the complete dismantling of the fleet and its ancillary equipment, the execution and coordination of work on the entire wind turbine (blades, nacelle, hub, masts and foundations) but also waste management with collection , sorting, transport, material recovery and associated documentary monitoring. And this while ensuring the commitments of the Ortec Group such as the obligation of result, flexibility, responsiveness as well as control of safety and environmental impact.


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Ortec Industrie Fos sur Mer

145 route du Guigonnet

13270 Fos sur Mer

Tél : 04 42 05 03 00

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