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Connected glasses to speed up familiarisation with new equipment

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Ortec Group team members regularly take part in compulsory training to get to grips with the use of new tools. At Lacq, in partnership with SOM Industrie, ORTEC Services Industrie (OSI) tested connected glasses for use in remote training operations.

To get to grips with a new 2500-bar ultra-high-pressure pump, which has just been delivered to the branch, the instructions and information were transmitted to the operator using connected glasses.

The trainer (the machine manufacturer) was at his premises in Strasbourg, while the operator was at OSI in Lacq, 1200 km away.

The operator undergoing training was wearing connected glasses. All the instructions were transmitted, enabling the operator to put them into practice immediately.

As they are also equipped with a microphone/speaker unit, the glasses can also receive audio instructions.

The operator was provided with continuous interactive support.

This device saves time, travel, and is much more effective for providing remote assistance.

Both parties agreed that it was a very positive experience; a POC (Proof Of Concept) that should result in deployment.

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