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When the Casques d’Or (“Golden Helmets”) gather

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The task of the “Casques d’Or” field experts is to get things moving, make proposals and train their colleagues in their wake. They are a major component of the Group’s DNA, and their opinion counts.

During this meeting, key topics were discussed such as safety, innovation, training, performance, excellence or company strategy. And the least we can say is that the reflections of the Casques d’Or greatly enriched the discussions.

To ensure their involvement and their duty to lead by example, the Casques d’Or, accompanied by the Ortec business experts, have drawn up a Charter of Excellence, which will bring together all the best practices required for being a good professional – practices forged by their experience in the field.

A commitment to continue to guarantee this level of quality and rigour, the very level that contributes to making Ortec a major player in industrial services in France. With our Casques d’Or standing as surety.

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