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Assessment days to fulfil the Ortec Group’s recruitment goals

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Assessment days, providing real immersion within Ortec, enable candidates to fully demonstrate their potential as well as recruiters, alongside operational managers, to have more information upon which to base their decisions.

With the launch of its strategic development plan, the Ortec Group has injected real dynamism into its company and provided itself with the means to succeed through the recruitment of 1,500 people between now and 2020. It has designed a customised programme so that the candidates who want to join the group have career development prospects in it. With a wide range of activities, in their relevant fields, everyone can find their place at Ortec.

A multi-faceted recruitment process

In order to depart from the norm and create conditions enabling each person to find their place, the group – that considers itself to be a talent accelerator – has also decided to innovate in terms of recruitment by offering assessment sessions aimed at engineering graduates.

These special days provide a genuine experience of the workplace, enabling candidates’ attributes to shine. Amongst the new measures: the presence of operational personnel and agency managers (who will welcome the candidates once recruited) beside the recruiters. A means of optimising the success of a multi-faceted recruitment process.

During a standard “Assessment” day, around ten candidates will be brought together for several hours at the group’s head office. The variety of measures implemented (interviews, presentations, workshops, practical tests, etc.) enables recruiters and agency managers to assess the candidates, to see how they act in a group environment and to find the best candidate profiles in terms of agility, methodology and the ability to work as a team.

The opportunity for candidates to demonstrate their skills

Although the exercise may be surprising at first, it proves to be advantageous for the candidates. Graduates appreciate having time to express themselves, to show their personality and their pragmatism; something that a single – so-called traditional – interview does not always fully allow.

This process also enables recruiters and recruits to initiate and develop an internal network within the group. The integration of the new recruits is facilitated by having already spent several hours with their future managers.

When taking stock of the day, recruiters and operational personnel feel that they have truly assessed the capacities of the pre-selected candidates. These candidates were clearly pleased to have the opportunity to explain their thought processes and put explain why they want to join the Ortec Group. Proving once again that Ortec is “So much more than a company”!

You can find all our “Careers” offers and events as well as news at any time, on the Ortec Group website and on our social media.


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