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Ortec Environnement Marseille


Specialised in environmental works, our dedicated teams are working 7 days a week in the grand South-East region.


Sanitation and maintenance – property and collective

  • Property and collective sanitation:
    • Septic and all water tanks pumping, maintenance and cleaning
    • Grease traps and soak pits emptying
    • Pumping station and decanters’ cleaning and maintenance
    • Cleaning and unblocking pipes
    • All diameter waste water facilities maintenance
    • Diagnosis and maintenance of pipe network: fuel oil tank and hydrocarbon separator cleaning, video inspection of pipes, leak detection, rehabilitation of networks
  • Property maintenance:
    • Vertical and horizontal sanitation network repair (waste waters and rainwaters), water conveyance repair
    • Collective and industrial pumping station installation and maintenance
  • Public sanitation:
    • Rodent and insect control, disinfecting of all individual, collective or industrial premises (pest control), pigeon removal
    • Containers and garbage chute cleaning and disinfection
    • Range hoods, mechanical ventilation cleaning

Waste management (from one-off service to multi-site delegated management):

  • All waste collection and transport (NHW, HW):
    • Client’s equipment pool maintenance
    • Non Hazardous Waste (solid, all packaging)
  • Solutions for the environment:
    • Waste sorting setting up
    • Waste grouping / pretreatment centre setting up
    • Waste transfer station and household waste recycling centre management
  • Waste treatment:
    • Recovery or elimination in approved waste management units
    • Traceability of waste with BSD*
  • Global waste management:
    • Multi-year one or multi-sites contract
    • Clean factory contract (waste management + industrial cleaning)
    • Delegated management (performance follow-up, continuous improvement)

Services for the industry

  • Pumping and cleaning works:
    • Tank and pit pumping, cleaning out and degreasing
    • Certified emptying, cleaning and degassing of tanks / separators
    • Pumping / collection of Hazardous Waste (liquid and solid)
    • Unit shutdown works
  • HP, VHP and UHP cleaning (150 up to 2,500 bars):
    • Surface stripping
    • Installation cleaning (tube bundles exchangers, mixers, conveyors, weighbridges, lamellar filters… )
    • Graffiti removal from all surfaces
  • Powder product suction cleaning (manual suction, via vacuum unit or cyclone to be put in a big bag):
    • Ashes and soot from furnaces, boilers
    • Dust, wheat, sugar…
    • Gravel from roofs, terraces
    • Sand from manholes and other facilities

*(BSD=Waste Tracking Forms)

  • QUALITASS / FNSA: draining and cleaning, industrial waste collection, cleaning operations in the petroleum industry and other industrial sectors, closed circuit TV inspection of sewage systems, industrial waste transfer centre, property maintenance
  • MASE: sanitation, industrial cleaning, powder product suction cleaning, toxic waste in dispersed quantities and waste collection and transport
  • Declaration receipt, prefecture, dept. 13: trade, brokerage and road transport of hazardous and non-hazardous waste
  • Specific sanitation agreement : national agreement for cleaning services, transport and disposal of sanitation installation goods. Please report to the authorised personnel list on the prefecture internet site (prefecture 13)
Secteurs d'activités
  • Industries
  • Food processing
  • Individuals
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Hospitals
  • Local administrations
  • Hotel industry
  • Quarries
  • Petrochemicals


386 boulevard Henri Barnier
13016 Marseille
F: 04 96 15 19 20

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