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The Ortec Environnement Arles agency, expert in environmental services, will assist you with all types of work (sanitation, 3D hygiene, industrial cleaning, building maintenance…) and can provide you with practical and effective solutions.


Property maintenance
Industrial cleaning


The network of local branches of the Ortec Group can offer preventive or curative services for the diagnosis, installation, maintenance and renovation of your sanitation networks and their structures. Our professional team will work tirelessly to meet your needs, whether they are occasional, urgent or recurrent, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Dredging / pumping of networks and structures:
Sanitation networks and installations require regular maintenance. Our expert teams will handle maintenance, pumping, dredging and unblocking work on piping of all diameters.

Diagnosis of outflow problems:
In order to properly determine the specific areas of intervention, our local team will carry out the diagnosis and inspection of pipelines, whether they are accessible or inaccessible, new or old. These checks may be performed using a video robot or an endoscope.

Network rehabilitation:
Rehabilitation solutions – whether traditional, or without the excavation of a trench, such as lining – entail restoring the deteriorated sanitation network. As a one-off operation (repair) or as part of a renovation programme, our team of experts will restore optimal conditions for the operation of your sanitation network.

Property maintenance

From plumbing to cleaning, for collective housing, public buildings or even hotels, the Ortec Group can provide, on behalf of property managers, administrators, social and industrial landlords, the maintenance and upkeep of property, taking care of all types of work, whether preventative or curative. Through our network of local branches, our on-call teams and our innovative tools, we work to schedule, keep to deadlines and and comply with cost constraints in order to guarantee the use of your premises, housing, common areas or offices under optimal conditions.

4D Hygiene:
Our local teams will help you control pests and birds with a wide range of services specialising in 4D hygiene: disinfection, disinsectisation, deratting and pigeon removal.

Industrial cleaning

The Ortec Group has know-how and proficiency in a broad variety of techniques to offer tailor-made industrial cleaning solutions. From the one-off service to the overall “Clean Factory” agreement, our teams have expertise in a wide range of techniques and processes, whether manual or mechanised, for your industrial site. You can be confident in the reliability and performance of your installations in the long term, as well as in the integrity of your processes.


The Ortec Group develops and implements onshore and offshore petroleum logistics services designed to meet the most stringent execution requirements. Our specialised teams offer all land, river and maritime transportation solutions from the design phase to its completion. Thanks to their multidisciplinary expertise and knowledge of local networks, our teams can help you manage and optimise your logistics flows.

LLW Transportation (ADR Class 7):
Our teams of experts have all the required certifications for the transportation of dangerous goods by road (ADR). Radioactive materials come under Class 7 of these hazardous materials.

Services provided

Business Sectors

Food processing:
The Ortec Group has been assisting the agrifood industry for more than 30 years. From execution to the outsourced management of services, the Group can call upon expertise and know-how to serve this vital economic sector.

The Ortec Group can provide assistance with the most ambitious of projects of car manufacturers for all types of vehicles: passenger vehicles, utility vehicles, future autonomous vehicles, as well as Formula 1. Ortec provides the sector with all its expertise in engineering and design.

Building trade industry:
The Ortec Group assists in dismantling and rehabilitation projects for manufacturers and players in the building trade, from advice to total reconversion, by offering the most effective, responsible and economically viable solution for every situation.

Local authorities:
The Ortec Group can help towns and local authorities with their efforts to provide their residents with a healthy and pleasant living environment. In compliance with current environmental standards, Ortec offers local councils, schools (…) their expertise and appropriate solutions for each administration in order to ensure hygiene and cleanliness for the community.

By relying on the expertise of its engineers to meet the sector’s high standards, the Ortec Group has been offering its multi-profession skills to defence players throughout Europe for many years.

Energy and Nuclear:
With a strong presence in the energy sector for almost 70 years, the Ortec Group offers its expertise to customers. The cross-functional know-how of the Group’s various branches is recognised by the most important players, making the Ortec Group a major player in the world of energy and in particular, the nuclear sector.

Heavy industry:
Thanks to its extensive range of skills, including its expertise in industrial activities, the Ortec Group provides the players in heavy industry with a wide variety of services. These sectors are connected to the production or processing of raw materials such as mines, cement works, plasterwork and paper mills.

The Ortec Group places all its experience and skills at the service of players in the tertiary sector. With the support of its local Ortec Environment branches, small and medium-sized businesses, property professionals, food retailers and hotel and restaurant operators can benefit from consulting services and solutions in the fields of sanitation, building maintenance, 3D hygiene, cleaning and even waste management.


Prefectural declaration receipt 13:
The Ortec Environnement (OE) Arles agency is a holder of the trading, brokerage and transport receipt for hazardous and non-hazardous waste (hydrocarbon water, acids or alkalines and aqueous industrial waste). It ensures health and safety conditions for producers, eliminators and any other waste disposal agents, and is able to transfer the collected waste under optimal conditions for subsequent recycling.

QUALITASS + IMMO Certification (FNSA) [National Federation of Sanitation Unions]:
The Ortec Environnement (OE) Arles agency holds the QUALITASS + IMMO (FNSA) certification, relating to its activities of drainage / dredging, industrial waste collection, industrial and petroleum cleaning, video network inspection, sorting centre, transit, waste consolidation and property hygiene. It guarantees the quality of services, operator safety and the management of environmental impact.

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