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OGD Grenoble
Specialists to help with your pollution treatment and rehabilitation projects

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Ortec Générale de Dépollution (OGD) in Grenoble is specialised in environmental remediation, deconstruction and site rehabilitation services.


Decontamination and rehabilitation
Waste management

Decontamination and rehabilitation

The Ortec Group is proficient in all treatment techniques and utilises innovative processes to ensure the decontamination of soil, groundwater, water and effluent. Through the development of our skills over more than 20 years, our local teams are involved from the advisory stage through to total reconversion, whatever the pollutant, proposing for each situation the most effective, responsible and economically viable solution for your site.

Environmental engineering:
Design, measure, interpret, secure – our team is involved at every stage of the rehabilitation process on sites that have suffered an environmental impact. We will help you with your strategic project to restore deteriorated land: from the feasibility study to the integrated and complete management of decontamination, deconstruction and restoration issues.

Decontamination works:
Our team will study the treatment of soil and/or groundwater pollution from several angles, while adjusting to all types of contamination. Among a wide range of treatment techniques, our team will assist you with your work according to the type of pollution, the decontamination objectives to be achieved, the constraints of the site, and the context of the project.

Rehabilitation work on industrial sites and wastelands:
As a solutions integrator, Ortec provides a comprehensive range of services for projects involving the rehabilitation of industrial sites and wastelands. With a solid command of environmental remediation techniques, appropriate organisations and knowledge of treatment processes, we will optimise the rehabilitation process in compliance with the strictest HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) regulations.

Safety precautions:
The team will offer services to set up precautionary safety measures such as identification, analysis, screening and sorting of waste, packaging and disposal of hazardous waste, reinforcement, demolition, deconstruction, removal of explosion and fire risks, access blocking, cleaning and decontamination as well as draining, inerting and removal of capacities/interventions in a confined atmosphere.

Deconstruction and dismantling:
Thanks to the diversity of their skills, our teams can handle on-site deconstruction and dismantling projects. Our team will be there for every situation: preliminary cleaning operations, partial or complete deconstruction of industrial facilities, dismantling of equipment, industrial transfer, environmental management of waste and deconstruction materials, overall reconversion with soil and groundwater environmental remediation and reduction of the ecological footprint

Treatment of water, sludge and sediment:
Our team of experts, specialised in the treatment of water, sludge and sediment, can adjust its operating methods to treat organic and mineral pollution at varying levels of toxicity and dangerousness. Thanks to a wide range of services, we can help you throughout the process: management of administrative procedures, water treatment with mobile units and treatment of sludge, air and odours, while ensuring follow-up and monitoring.

Waste management

From collection to transportation, delegated management, consolidation or pre-treatment through to treatment and recovery, the Ortec Group can help you with innovative solutions adapted to your needs. With a branch near you, we can handle all stages of waste management, whether ordinary or hazardous, whatever the deposit, and will be able to provide you with the appropriate solutions.

Pre-treatment and treatment:
In order to ensure the traceability of waste, the tracking of all stages of processing and treatment of waste products is digitized. Our teams comply with the different phases of acceptance, weighing, unloading, administrative follow-up… Depending on the type of waste, it is then grouped and treated or sent to the appropriate facilities for maximum recycling.

Services provided

Business Sectors

The Ortec Group assists in dismantling and rehabilitation projects for manufacturers and players in the building trade, from advice to total reconversion, by offering the most effective, responsible and economically viable solution for every situation.

Local authorities:
The Ortec Group can help towns and local authorities with their efforts to provide their residents with a healthy and pleasant living environment. In compliance with current environmental standards, Ortec offers local councils, schools (…) their expertise and appropriate solutions for each administration in order to ensure hygiene and cleanliness for the community.

Heavy industry:
Thanks to its extensive range of skills, including its expertise in industrial activities, the Ortec Group provides the players in heavy industry with a wide variety of services. These sectors are connected to the production or processing of raw materials such as mines, cement works, plasterwork and paper mills.

The Ortec Group places all its experience and skills at the service of players in the tertiary sector. With the support of its local Ortec Environment branches, small and medium-sized businesses, property professionals, food retailers and hotel and restaurant operators can benefit from consulting services and solutions in the fields of sanitation, building maintenance, 3D hygiene, cleaning and even waste management.


Prefectural declaration receipt 13:
The Ortec Générale de Dépollution (OGD) Grenoble agency is a holder of the trading, brokerage and transport receipt for hazardous and non-hazardous waste (hydrocarbon water, acids or alkalines and aqueous industrial waste). It ensures health and safety conditions for producers, eliminators and any other waste disposal agents, and is able to transfer the collected waste under optimal conditions for subsequent recycling.

MASE/UIC Certification:
The Ortec Générale de Dépollution (OGD) Grenoble agency holds the MASE/UIC Certification for its new works and maintenance activities in mechanical pipework and boilermaking. The certification aims to reduce risks at work through a Safety, Health and Environment management system.

LNE Execution and Engineering:
Ortec Générale de Dépollution (OGD) Grenoble agency holds LNE Execution and Engineering certification, relating to all the stages in the rehabilitation of a polluted industrial site (studies, engineering and execution).


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