Guaranteeing reliability and “as-new” performance and ensuring process integrity: quite an achievement

The Ortec group once again demonstrates its know-how in industrial cleaning operations performed in situ.

With its specialized, approved personnel, the group can guarantee:

Our services

A number of industrial cleaning methods:

For a variety of applications:
The Ortec group’s expertise enables it to carry out the following:

Sectors of activity

Major player in various domaines, the Ortec Group offers services specially in sectors of:

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ORTEC innovation

Ortec had noticed that it was difficult to find good protective equipment for shins and feet.
In order to provide maximum protection for its teams, the Ortec group has developed some protective gaiters. Made from 6/10 sheet metal, light and suitable for long exposure times, they are resistant to perforation by an ultra high pressure water jet of 1,000 bars at 28 liters/minute!



Maximum protection for high pressure work

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is essential to protect every part of the body during industrial cleaning operations using high pressure and ultra high pressure water jets

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Chemical site cleanup

At the Pont de Claix (Isère) site, Ortec Environnement Grenoble has carried out all the industrial cleaning work for the Perstorp group, the European reference in isocyanate chemicals industry.

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