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Encounter with Lauriane L., aquatic eco-systems engineer

Living one’s passion through work. That’s precisely what Lauriane L. experiences at the SOM subsidiary of the Ortec Group. What’s her area? Aquatic eco-systems. The field is vast! “That’s what I love about my job,” states Lauriane, who has been working at Ortec since October 2017 when she was co-opted for a position as “Environment project leader”.

Ortec is committed to environmental challenges

The profession is rich and fascinating because it is diverse and involves contact with the different players and decision-makers, such as local and regional authorities, large companies and private individuals.

Originally from Auvergne, Lauriane L. finished her studies – between Tours and Paris – graduating with an engineering degree in aquatic eco-systems.

When she talks about “passion” for her job it’s because it aligns with “her environmental awareness in the broad sense, in working to protect the planet in the long run”. Today, there is no shortage of projects. And they are often quite substantial. The Ortec Group undertakes these projects in view of the values that it defends and shares. “There is a lot of work, and it’s not always easy,” declares Lauriane L.

The Ortec Group, which operates nationally throughout France, is able to carry out public market research and research on the restoration of waterways by bringing together technical literature and delivering diagnoses following investigations in the field. More specific missions on hydraulic structures in terms of accessibility can also be carried out. So, the SOM teams split their work between on site interventions and in-office research using state-of-the-art cartographic tools.

Carrying out your work with passion within your company

Depending on the projects being conducted, the contacts differ: “It can be the Water Board, the Community of Communes, river unions and sometimes even private individuals, when structures on privately owned land are involved,” explains Lauriane. Every time, the success of the joint enterprise relies on “dialogue, the assurance that the value of assets will be maintained and restoration will be carried out using ecological methods”. Ecology is the keyword here. For Ortec, the challenge is omnipresent. Nowadays, it forms part of the very basis of its everyday work, with an approach that fully complies with current legislation.

“Our profession evolves regularly due to regulations that are constantly changing,” affirms Lauriane. “Some laws become more lenient, while others become tougher. But the trend is mainly positive. We have seen willingness from institutions and the public to adopt a more ecological attitude. Younger generations are particularly ecologically aware.” Which has not always been the case in the past, where environmental concerns have sometimes had difficulty fitting in.

Today, the conditions have come together for work to be carried out in compliance with current environmental standards and that ensure customer satisfaction.

“Our arguments are those of the added ecological value that we bring, the safety of our structures without destroying the beds or the banks, and ultimately the stakes for the users, because these stretches of water can then become accessible to the general public once again.”

It’s a time for optimism and potential, for moving forward, towards new important projects. “Cooperation between all the players is successful because they all want to improve the living environment. We can also have an impact on these issues in our own way. These environmental challenges are a part of my job and I find meaning in them every day. The knowledge that the Ortec Group makes them a part of their priorities only incites us to continue on this path.”


Discover the video on the restoration studies for watercourses and aquatic environments:


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