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“#FUTURE: Talk about future of engineering”: creativity at the heart of digitisation issues.

Within the context of the “#FUTURE: Talk about future of engineering” event, the Ortec Group’s Engineering Division organised a new afterwork in La Ciotat on the theme of “From a mountain of paper to an ocean of data”.

Employees from the Engineering Division discussed changes in their daily assignments, internally, due to the increased digitisation of interactions and professional practices. They also addressed real projects for which the Ortec Group is positioning itself with customers for the digitisation of large volumes of technical documentation.

Faced with a changing world and the constant stream of technological changes, the issue of digitisation focuses on the implementation of solutions, and a strong creative spirit, in order to transform documents into data, information into a resource and to create value.

These issues were addressed in a convivial atmosphere, through discussions with employees from the division, who shared their experiences and their ideas. Presentations given by project players also illustrated the challenges.

The concept of these afterwork sessions contributes to informed and constructive discussions between employees from different subsidiaries. Where every experience, though unique, is in the same spirit of innovation and shared vision promoted by the Ortec Group.



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